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This project is started of as an exploration with Augmented reality (AR) Questioning what applied three dimensional models could mean for a space and what it brings them.

How can a room change in a virtual world but still act in a real space in real time. How could I modify the reality by a computer, and what could it enhance in the current perception of reality? The perception of a living space that can be constantly in flux and change according to the needs and wishes of the ones who are acting in this space. It could be interesting to look into if it matters that the modified computer generated applied 3d models are not touchable. Could it feel real for a person when there is no such thing as touch to a three dimensional object. Also what would the needs of a person be when they are living in a space.  

Exhibited at Konstfack Stockholm. 


#12 ERWTEN.jpg
#6 FOODWORK_.jpg
#7 YOGURT.jpg
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