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Mud Mask 

Mineral Mud Mask started by researching what the possibilities of beach sand are. I took sand from the Dutch beach and analyzed this in an electrode microscope laboratory (FEI) The result of this research showed that there are many minerals in sand grains and those can have a healing function, when combined with salt water. 

Taking care of skin with the use of natural ingredients from the beach can be healing. By grinding the sand into smaller grains, the minerals will be more open for activation of their effect. The best material for the grinding purpose would be diamond or stone, but since this is a concept prototype its not implemented yet.

The material choice came from a mobile point of view. Because people have to carry the product to the beach it shouldn’t be to heavy, and not to big. The use of magnolia wood was a good answer, the wood doesn’t poison the mud with any dangerous substances for the treatment. Making use of the technique wood turning I created this shape.

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