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Kitchen 2.0

This project is about creating an environment that stimulates conscious behavior when it comes to handling food in the kitchen. Its prevents food from being thrown away, and when its time to dispose its done in the best way possible.   

A lot of food can be saved from waste by storing it better, I focussed on the storing of vegetables which is nowadays mostly done in the fridge. But by storing your food in a transparant way you will always be able to see what you still have and don’t have to let them go to waste in the fridge. 


The different components create a climate that preserves a certain type of vegetable in the optimum way.  

  A plate for tomatoes, peaches and other fruits that are sensitive in the area where they where attached to the vine, by placing them with the stem up they will rot in about four days, therefore by placing them with the stem down they will stay good for longer then a week on a semi flat surface. 

•  The hexagon shaped vase is to support leaf vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage and cauliflower. The shape allows that only the stem touches the water, in order to preserve the nutrients and taste an at the same time enjoy their beauty. 

•  The white bowl is made for root vegetables like unions and garlic, The ceramic material helps to cool the roots and the holes allow for good air circulation. 

•  In the top of the frame there is a place for

fruit- vegetables such as zucchini, cucumber and  aubergine, they are biologically fruits and by humidifying the vegetables  with the water basin underneath they will stay good for a long time. 


In my renderings  below the disposing component is visualized, which is integrated in the table. 

Its uses the technique called Bokashi, this is a Japanese fermentation method. 

This works by adding a mixture of effective microorganism to the food scraps will increase the speed of decomposition and because its can work in an air tight environment it  and decrease the smell and odors that arrive from normal decomposition. 

By Working with Bokashi there will be 2 products form your waste, one is a solid compost that can be used for farms or local communitiy gardens, and one is a liquid fertilizer that can be used for indoor plants and herbs. 

This project started of with a growing interst of mine in composting. I noticed that for people in an apartment building such as myself don’t have an organic waste bin that is collected by the city (Eindhoven-The Netherlands) I saw an opportunity and started focussing on food ways, how can we turn waste into something valuable. I hope to develop this project further towards a kitchen system that also includes food preparation and dining. 

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